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We serve as your all-encompassing event management partner, specializing in the meticulous planning and seamless execution of conferences and events, spanning various sizes and global landscapes.

Trusted Certifications

Trusted Certifications


Experience the Adventure of a Lifetime

At Orbit Adventures, we're dedicated to crafting unforgettable journeys that transcend the ordinary. Our experience is built on a foundation of passion, expertise, and innovation. Whether you're seeking the thrill of extreme sports or the tranquility of nature, our diverse range of adventures caters to all preferences. With a team of seasoned guides and state-of-the-art equipment, we ensure your safety while you savor every exhilarating moment. Join us and embark on an adventure that will leave you with lifelong memories

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Our purpose is to enhance the well-being of individuals, businesses, and communities by driving innovation in the regions where we operate, thereby fostering national progress.

Medical Conference

At Orbit, we specialize in orchestrating impactful medical conferences seamlessly blending expertise and innovation.

Large Scale Events

Orbit takes pride in turning grand visions into reality with our expertise in managing large-scale events. Whether itโ€™s a corporate summit, a cultural extravaganza, or a community celebration, we bring creativity and precision to every detail.

Annual Sales Conference

Orbit understands the pivotal role of an annual sales conference in shaping corporate strategies and fostering team cohesion. Our services go beyond event planning; we craft experiences that inspire, motivate, and drive results.

International Travel

Embark on seamless and memorable international journeys with Orbitโ€™s travel services. Our expertise lies in curating travel experiences that blend luxury, convenience, and cultural immersion.


Orbit brings advertising to life with innovative and results-driven strategies. Our advertising services encompass a spectrum of mediums, from traditional to digital, ensuring your brand message reaches the right audience.

Product Launch

Launching a product is a defining moment, and Orbit is your partner in making it unforgettable. Our product launch services combine strategic planning, creative presentation, and meticulous execution to generate maximum impact.


The Perfection

Our accomplished team boasts a track record of successfully orchestrating conferences and gatherings across the nation, ranging from intimate gatherings to grand events hosted at renowned hotel brands. Our adept negotiators excel in securing the most favorable rates and concessions, setting the foundation for a successful planning process. The precise allocation of meeting space takes a prominent role in our meticulous approach.

We assume a leadership role when dealing with hotels and conference centers, handling pivotal production decisions and meticulously attending to the finer details of event planning. This grants our clients the freedom to direct their energies towards crafting content and messaging that resonates with their audience, all while having complete confidence in our capable hands overseeing the entire production process.”

Explore the Cosmos with Orbit Tour

Welcome to our Orbit Travel, where we take you on a journey beyond the ordinary. At Orbit Travel, we believe that the possibilities of exploration are limitless, and we're here to make your celestial dreams a reality.

A comprehensive solution for all your needs

Clients seek our expertise for a myriad of needs โ€“ from product launches, influencer activations, to messaging strategy and content creation, crisis communication, and media relations. Regardless of the challenge at hand, we excel in addressing deeply human issues.



  • Media & Press Functions
  • Product Unveilings
  • Video Game Sector Gatherings
  • Corporate Seasonal Celebrations
  • Outings Majestic Beginnings
  • Property Viewings Local Community Festivals
  • Street Festivities Recognition Ceremonies
  • Exclusive Premiere Affairs
  • Hospitality Retreats
  • Upfront Showcases
  • Screen Presentations
  • Cinematic Premieres & Film Festivities
  • Benefit Galas & Quiet Bidding Activities
  • Immersive Marketing Journeys

Business Meet-ups

  • Meetings & Conferences
  • Corporate Conclaves
  • Exhibition Booths
  • Destination Coordination Services
  • Corporate Getaways & Escapes
  • Main Assemblies
  • Online Networking Gatherings
  • Team Bonding Events
  • Group Excursions & Leisure Pursuits
  • Employee Appreciation Events
  • Reward Journeys
  • Featured Presenters


Recent Endeavors.

Events encompass more than just excellent design. It's the comprehensive management and production value that lingers in memory long after the event conclude

Fun Gala

Orbit Advertising hosted a spectacular and lively gala at the Arts Council Karachi, creating an evening that was nothing short of magical. From dazzling performances to captivating art installations, the event was a celebration of creativity and entertainment. Guests were treated to a night of fun, laughter, and artistic inspiration, making it a gala to remember for years to come.

Highlights of the successful virtual meeting by RSP

it Advertising proudly hosted a highly successful virtual meeting in collaboration with RSP. This event showcased our dedication to delivering seamless online experiences, with a focus on engagement, innovation, and meaningful connections. Attendees witnessed the future of virtual meetings, where success and satisfaction go hand in hand

Defence day of Pakistan

Defence Day of Pakistan, celebrated on September 6th, stands as a proud tribute to the indomitable spirit, valor, and unwavering commitment of our armed forces. This day marks the historic defense of our homeland during the 1965 war and serves as a reminder of the sacrifices made by our soldiers to safeguard our sovereignty and protect our nation’s freedom.

Welcome to Lahore

Join us for the 17th Asia Pacific Congress of Pediatrics, an extraordinary gathering of leading experts, researchers, and healthcare professionals in the field of pediatrics. Explore cutting-edge advancements in child healthcare, share invaluable knowledge, and network with peers from across the Asia Pacific region. Be a part of this transformative event as we come together to shape the future of pediatric care and make a positive impact on children’s health.

3rd Commissioner Karachi

Relive the energy and excitement of the 3rd Commissioner Karachi Marathon, brought to you by Orbit Advertising. This unforgettable event saw thousands of passionate runners hit the streets, breaking personal records and creating unforgettable moments. From the thrilling start to the heart-pounding finish, it was a marathon of pure determination, unity, and community spirit. Stay tuned for more extraordinary experiences from Orbit Advertising

Fitness enthusiasts

The Karachi Fitness Expo is back and bigger than ever, with everything you need to take your fitness to the next level. From the latest trends and equipment to inspiring workouts and demonstrations, you’ll find it all at the expo.

Plus, don’t miss out on exclusive discounts and promotions from your favorite brands. So mark your calendars for 14-10-2023 and get ready to experience the biggest fitness event in town!

Reaching New Pinnacles

Building local relationships and partnerships isn't just about success; it's vital for survival. In our neighborhoods, stories spread among neighbors, fostering new connections and innovative ideas.

4th Annual PGLDS Conference

Setting the global standard for instructing and preparing both current and upcoming generations in hepatogastroenterology and interventional gastroenterology

Pakistan Fintech Forum 2022

Connecting the future of banking with Fintech & Digital. It is time to connect, collaborate, create and catalyze together for the development of fintech in Pakistan.

๐Ÿ๐Ÿ“๐ญ๐ก ๐๐‡๐‹ ๐€๐ง๐ง๐ฎ๐š๐ฅ ๐’๐ข๐ฅ๐ฏ๐ž๐ซ ๐‰๐ฎ๐›๐ข๐ฅ๐ž๐ž

State of the Art Lectures, Scientific Sessions, Practical Clinical Case Discussions, CME Accreditation, Gala Night & Dinner

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