The Orbit advertising is the only platform where you can find several offerings related to technology, digital, event management and real estate all under a single roof. However, the services requirements are managed to be divided in six units that are ready to take on several brand challenges.

SEO Consultancy

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Competitor Analysis

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Social Marketing

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Reportyng & Analysis

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Graphic Design

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Web Design

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Motion Graphics

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Event Management

Mice (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences & Exhibitions)

All the hybrid meetings, conferences, exhibitions or event business incentives are being organized at Orbit advertising and event management firm.

Thematic Events

We design according to your concerned choice of theme and colours. Whatever goes with your brand is the first priority for our company and thus matched the criteria until the client is fully satisfied. Moreover, client satisfaction goes on top for our organization.

Brand Activation

Looking for an advertising agency to help support your brand? Well, Orbit has got your back. We plan and execute all the great brand ideas and help you to establish a brand reputation and brand awareness with step-by-step guide.

Product Launch

Product launching, product unveiling, product relaunching are the basics that the company ought to deliver with the complete responsibility of managing event from scratch till the end.

Award Ceremonies

We arrange award ceremonies, while picking a theme, selecting the budget, choosing the venue, detailed planning of the stage design with exclusive floor plan and sound and videography.

Trade Exhibitions

Orbit also organizes trade shows and exhibitions while keeping in contact with the clients and considering their choices above ours.

Sports Competition

Organizing sports activity and competitions for your company to engage employees in a better and healthy actions motivating to work more efficiently for the company.

Digital Marketing & Development

Search Engine Optimization

With the right keyword research and the correct formulation of the content, the Orbit group of companies makes it simple for your website to increase the visibility for relevant searches.


With an attractive user-experience design and a great user-interface design, any creative artwork can retain for a longer time in the minds of audience.

Game Design and Development

It refers to the game programming inclusion modelling, stimulation, development, visualisation, designing and training.

PHP & .NET Development

Active Server Pages by Microsoft and the support of .net programming language, used for web application development.

Web and APP Development

Designing and developing a complete website for your company from scratch contemplating client’s preferences and focusing on client satisfaction.


Orbit makes it possible for your company to involve into an easy access of buying and selling process with proper transaction of data using electronic network primarily internet

Video Production

3D Animation

Bringing motions to any 3D character or design and give it a real-like feel leading it to a delightful end-user experience.


All the events and processes that takes to bring an actual movie into existence that includes, filming, shooting, directing, events management, sponsorship management, editing, etc.

Motion Graphics

However, it is also like a 3D animation but with a difference of text as the major component of the design.



Producing ads including TVC as well as DVC for the clients and manage according to the requirements and the theme of the brand.

TVC Storyboard

Conveying the visual storyline of your next television commercial project with a storyboard and help spread the brand’s message to its target audience.

Press ADS

Using traditional means of advertising and branding via press ads published on local, national, regional newspaper, brochures and consumer magazine.


Create unique advertisements with our creative layouts of flyers, brochures and posters with an individual tea working on the quality of design and end-product.


Either magazine catalogues of the company’s newsletter, we help create a comprehensive company’s e-report about the activities happening every day.

Annual Reports

Requires special assistance of Orbit’s technical staff to work on such reports since they carry sensitive data of the company’s activities of the preceding year.


Orbit Shehnaiyan organizes events such as Mayun/Mehandi, wedding, reception, etc. aiming to make you big day a special one for bride, groom and the entire family. With a spate team working hand-in-hand on the project of ‘Orbit Shehnaiyan’, the client is satisfied with the ultimate outcome of the events.

Other Services

Event Preparations

Event preparations could be a big deal for not only the event planners but for the company who is organizing it. With Orbit event planning services and pro-active preparations, it becomes easier for both the parties to tackle any event effectively.

Event Sites and Places

From hotel venues to the event locations, Orbit serves you with the best sites for events such as convention centers, cultural centers, auditoriums, banquets, sports centers, etc.

Additional Event Services
Additional event services include:

  • AV System, Lighting, LED Screens.
  • Interactive and video solutions.
  • Registration System.
  • Translation and Voting System.
  • Computer equipment rental.
  • Virtual events and exhibitions

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