The Orbit advertising is the only platform where you can find several offerings related to technology, digital, event management and real estate all under a single roof. However, the services requirements are managed to be divided in six units that are ready to take on several brand challenges.



Event Management

Managing any event takes a whole lot of planning, implementing, organizing and managing the whole event. also, after event analysis by monitoring the operations are also done for a better understating and to take corrective actions for next time.

Event Entrance

The first impression is usually the last one. Thus, entrance of any event for any guest may lead to establish perception about rest of the event. Orbit shares your responsibility by assembling a prodigious Event Entrance.

Event Designing

The layout matter more than anything. It is important to design the whole event according to the venue and the audience expected at the event.

Event Stage Presentation

For the stage pretention, a whole new layout of the backdrop as per the theme of the event is designed, approved and printed.


3D Animation

Bringing motions to any 3D character or design and give it a real-like feel leading it to a delightful end-user experience.


All the events and processes that takes to bring an actual movie into existence that includes, filming, shooting, directing, events management, sponsorship management, editing, etc.

Motion Graphics

However, it is also like a 3D animation but with a difference of text as the major component of the design.


Logo & Branding

Creativity to the best with the innovative brand and event logo designing from the experts working for more than 10 years in the similar field. Orbit helps you get the maximum branding by incorporating extensive solutions to grow your business.

Brand Activation

Creativity is not only limited to designing. Well, a number of ideas for the activation of your newly brand is suggested at Orbit. From planning to implementing of all advertising and marketing techniques, Orbit will be there for you until the business gives you subtle profit and begin to thrive.

Product Launch

Orbit helps organisations launch a new product in the market. Working in relevant field with their experienced creative and production team, Orbit proposed ideas for the best Product Launch event for your organization. Not only that, propose ideas for effective execution of the event.

Thematic Booths

Orbit offers booth designing as one of the key features exclusively to incorporate advertising and branding in your hybrid event. We position clients’ preferences above ours. The 3D structured booths are pre-made and designs are initially approved by the clients before they are set for printing.

Events and Conferences

For more than 17 years, Orbit has been organizing formal and semi-formal corporate events that helps you cater your brand to the right audience and increase awareness about the brand.


Packaging is one of the concerns for organizations. Therefore, providing a crucial concern is one of the apprehensions for Orbit. Our company has been working with several brands that help execute the plan and get a number of comprehensive packaging details and ideas.

Print Design

For an efficacious event, it is important to get the veracious prints for the event, including backdrop, media wall, posters, standees, banners, 3D booths and much more.

Character Design

Either you want a game character or a 3D movie character, our company will get you the design of the inspired characters for your project.

Game Design

If you are launching a new app or a game, the new character ideas of the design is solely our responsibility and would have managed to fulfil them with immense accountability.

Calendar Design

Want help with your customized internal advertising? Well, calendar making is one of the ways to help elevate employee engagement towards your organization. Orbit helps you design and print the custom-made calendars.

Exhibition Stall Design

Construct a customized stall for the hybrid exhibition being held at Orbit. The designed are initially client verified before going live with the event management at Orbit.


Above all the creative solutions, Orbit has been providing to its clients, one of the things our company excels in is the 2D and 3D vector art with the professional graphics designers, we have been


Floor Planning

The planning needs to be done right in order to organize a successful structured event. Therefore, the Orbit assures a comprehensive planning of the event before the event which includes the floor planning, stage placement, guests seating arrangements, chief guest area, eating area, etc.

Behind The Scenes

Orbit takes you to their event management on-set behind the scenes where a dedicated team of coordinators, managers, organizer and workers are operating to make your event a possible one.

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